Thursday, July 8, 2010


Good afternoon! I am missing you all so much! I just wanted to take a minute to update everyone on the changes occuring and how its all coming along :)

1) No more fan page for now...I closed the fan page for comments and am not going to be using it for the next few months at least. When it is open I can gaurentee it is going to be BIGGER and BETTER then ever!

2) Yes it seams there is a lot of bad messages going around about me, BUT you have to remember that just because someone feels they were wronged doesnt mean they were. Everyone has their own point of view and I respect that. Just keep in mind there are two sides to every story and that in most cases the people emailing my customers are not even the ones that felt they were wronged they get their family and friends to make outragous posts as well so it seems a lot worse then it was.

3) Please remember I am a mom just like most of you. I started doing this so everyone could afford it. I did not make thousands of dollars selling bows and tutus. Yes I have sold that much but how much you sell and how much you make are two very different numbers. If I was out to make big bucks I would not be selling $80 gift cards for $40, selling most items at my cost, and giving away so much in donations and giveaways. People forget that when I offer things like this I am offering those items with the cost coming out of my own pocket, if anyone really thinks I make money like that then they need to head out into the real world and do some shopping.

4) If you email me with an attitude and try and qoute any of these people that have given me problems it will not be tolerated. I will either a. ignore you or b. give an attitude back. YOU who do this are part of the reason why I am closing the page. Threatening me and my business is not going to get you your $3 bow any faster. The behavior of adult women has come to completly shock me.

5) Ready to ship items will start becoming available on my website & personal facebook page starting on July 15th :) Halloween and back to school will start appearing at this time as well. When I do open the page it will be ready to ship only! I will post items you purcahse & pay for them that night and they ship the next day. I am no longer going to offer customs due to the amount of times the order changes or is added onto or whatever other mix ups that can happen do. Every person who has had a problem with me it was always something that I stated on the page that was not followed.

6) I hope everyone has a great summer! We are heading to the Florida pan handle for vacation where we will also be helping with some of the oil spill clean up. Our annual beach destination was hit pretty bad :(

Thank you for taking a second to read this and I look foward to coming back!